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New Years Eve

Rome Collective band is deffenetly one of the finest Italian party and event bands that I worked for in my whole more than 30 years long professional carrier. Not only that they are excellent musicians with a huge repertoire of songs to choose from, but they also present themselves on the stage with a very nice looking class and style. A first class top performance in every way!

The video clip you may see here is a simple collage that I made from some photos while the audio is taken from the very same live performance

On this occasion we had a Midas M32 as a FOH mixer but situated in a dimmer room backstage. It was controlled by an iPad in remote via wi fi connection. The second one M32 rack was used as a monitoring mixer. All musicians were on IEM, for a total of 14 mixes. Radio mics we used were Shure Axient Digital systems with KSM9 capsules. Wireless IEM were Shure PSM900. Musicians were using wired Shure P9HW and a couple of LD system belt-packs. Drum kit was miked in a very standard way. In order to save some space on the stage an inside Shure SM91 was used as a kick mic. 57S on a snare top and bottom. KSM 32 as Overheads, Sennheiser 604 for toms and AKG451 for a HH. Since we were performing a small room and during the dinner a drumshield was a must . Keyboards and Guitar were run directly to the board through DI boxes so no amps on stage, while the sax and trumpet were equipped with SM98beta. The main PA system was a K-Array Pinnacle 202 but I added apair of extra sub units, just to have some extra bottom-end when needed during a dance part of the show. After all we are talking about “the craziest night of the year” when everybody wants to have some extra fun.

Straordinario Rocky Picture Show al Teatro Nuovo di Milano

La serrata  divertentissima in compagnia dei protagonisti  di un non solito Rocky Horro Picture Show, portato a Milano grazie al MagnoProg di Firenze. Oltre 30 persone sul palco tra gli attori , i musicisti e i ballerini . Due ore di spettacolo pieno di ritmo,  di trasgressione, di gag e di risate, e tutto questo legato con la musica  suonata e cantata  rigorosamente dal vivo.

Una bellissima serata emozionante e io…  vorrei tu fossi stato qui con noi a divertirti. E se non eri qui al teatro… Peccato. Sarà per la prossima volta.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, MagnoProg Milano 5 ott 2014

Rocky Horror Picture Show, MagnoProg Milano 5 ott 2014

La Giornata Mondiale dei Diritti Umani

10 000 persone, Nelson Mandela Forum, 10 dicembre 2013

10 000 persone, Nelson Mandela Forum, 10 dicembre 2013

Ogni anno, il 10 dicembre in tutto il mondo viene festeggiata La Giornata Mondiale dei Diritti Umani. Questa data è stata scelta per ricordare la proclamazione da parte del’ONU di Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti Umani. A Firenze in questa occasione viene organizzata la manifestazione presso Nelson Mandela Forum dove anche quest’anno si sono radunati 10 000 ragazzi. Edizione del Meeting del 2013 è stata dedicata ai “Diritti delle donne”, ma data l’importanza storica e il nome della sede dell’iniziativa, non è mancato  il ricordo di Nelson Mandela.

Del’amplificazione del evento anche quest’anno si è occupata azienda fiorentina Omikron

Materiale utilizzato:

– EV XLC, EV XLD, EVXi12, D&BQ1, EV X-Line sub

– Midas PRO2, Soundcraft Si3

– Monitor EV Biamp 

Foto scattata dalla mia postazione FOH